Passenger Voice January 2016: Inverness station passenger experience

21 December 2015

Who is using Inverness station? How do they rate aspects of the station? These are some of the questions in our latest Inverness station experience research.

Attentive staff were praised by passengers, 75 per cent of whom were satisfied with their experience of using the station. Only six per cent were dissatisfied.

The survey highlighted the need for the station to be given a makeover, feature more retail outlets, increased and improved seating, enhanced signage and more user-friendly ticket gates.

The findings of the survey will help the Highlands and Islands Transport Partnership (HITRANS) inform plans for the proposed redevelopment of the station.

Inverness station is unusual in the high proportion of tourists using it – almost a quarter of our sample were using the station for the first time. First-time users have particular information needs at the station. The challenge for HITRANS is meeting these along with the regular requirements of locals and frequent rail users, who are typically less satisfied. 

Our chief executive, Anthony Smith said:

“There is a high number of tourists using Inverness and it’s important that the investment is targeted at the things that matter to them, as well as the regular users.

“Passengers’ priorities include improving the look of the station and the choice of shops. Passengers must be at the heart of the station redevelopment. We’re really pleased to be helping HITRANS.”

Click to find the full report here.


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