Passenger Voice June 2015: Network Rail Route Leader conferences

29 May 2015

Transport Focus has been talking directly to the people who can help trains run on time.

Network Rail, which owns and maintains tracksand some stations, invited us to talk to its top employees at a series of regional conferences.

From the end of April until last week, we visited Derby, York, Newcastle, and Leeds and will be in Peterborough in June to talk about passengers’ priorities for improvement, current levels of satisfaction with punctuality and value for money, and how to better communicate when things go wrong.

We know that just over three quarters of passengers are satisfied with the punctuality of their train, a drop from almost eight in ten the year before. Less than four in ten were happy with the way delays were handled.

We spoke to 800 ‘leaders’ from the top management of the organisation to section managers on the front line. We put the passenger case for better information, better punctuality and more honest reporting of punctuality. We also looked at some positive case studies of where disruption was handled well, such as during the Tour de France in Yorkshire last year.


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