Passenger Voice June 2015: Transport for all

29 May 2015

In April we held another session of our Accessibility Forum. Made up of organisations representing disabled passengers, our forum provides the opportunity to better share best practice and understand the current needs of disabled passengers.

Around five per cent of rail and more than 20 per cent of bus journeys are made by people with a disability or long-term illness. We work alongside forum members to support improved accessibility on rail, bus, coach and tram and to ensure that the views of passengers with disabilities are driving change.

Members of the forum welcomed the new way we are capturing details about survey respondents on the railway and the particular challenges they face in using public transport. We are now working on a new idea that would see members of the forum developing a simple accessibility tool kit for transport providers. This valuable resource would be available for free from individual forum members’ websites.

Our next meeting will take place in the autumn. To find out more about our work on accessibility click here.


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