Passenger Voice June 2016: How will the Bus Services Bill affect passengers?

27 May 2016

Bus passengers could have a very different service if a new bill is to come into force.

The new Bus Services Bill will allow local authorities new powers to decide how bus services are provided. Following its announcement in the Queen’s speech the Department for Transport (DfT) has outlined further details on these new powers, including:

  • strengthening arrangements for partnership working in the sector, introducing ‘enhanced partnerships’
  • new franchising powers with decisions at a local level
  • making information available to bus passengers

The introduction of this Bill presents an opportunity to boost the passenger voice and improve bus passengers’ experiences. Earlier in the year we presented to the industry and the DfT about the importance of passengers in this process. We also gave examples of what our research tells us that passengers want. It is vital that whatever process is put in place, it delivers what we know passengers need.

The main measures in the bill and an explanation on how they work in practice can be found here.

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