Passenger Voice September 2015: Case Study

28 August 2015

Mr E regularly commutes from Paignton to Exmouth, via Exeter St David’s, with First Great Western (FGW). In December 2014 Mr E found that his journey would take an extra 34 minutes, as the timetable had changed resulting in a long wait at Exeter station.

He raised this issue with FGW, but it wasn’t able to offer a solution. The timetable had been changed to allow it to test a new station on the route to Exmouth and more time was needed to allow for this.

Unhappy with this outcome, Mr E wrote to Transport Focus and explained that he would like to see the Exeter St David’s to Exmouth service restored to the original departure time. On his behalf, we asked FGW whether this would now be possible. FGW quickly replied to explain that its train planning department had reviewed the service in question and could confirm that the new station was now fully integrated into the route.

All of which means that the departure time on MR E’s journey can be put back into its original slot when the timetables come under review in December 2015.


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