Rail fare increases – Transport Focus response

30 November 2019

Rail fares will increase by 2.7 per cent in January, the industry announced today.

Anthony Smith, chief executive of the independent watchdog Transport Focus, said:

“We speak to thousands of passengers each year and we know that less than half feel they get value for money. After a year of patchy performance passengers just want a consistent day-to-day service they can rely on and a better chance of getting a seat.

“Transport Focus has long called for a fares system that is simple to use, easy to understand and is flexible enough to cater to how people work and travel today.

“As fares rise passengers must make their voice heard and call on operators to deliver a better service. Passenger should claim compensation every time they are delayed to help offset the cost of the fares rise and Make Delay Pay.”

Notes to editors:

Less than half of passengers (47 per cent) are satisfied their ticket offers value for money in the National Rail Passenger Survey. This falls to 30 per cent among commuters. Click here to explore satisfaction ratings nationally, by journey type or by operator.

Sample fares

These examples are not statistically representative and must not be used to draw conclusions about other prices. Fares chosen are for any permitted route rather than for a named operator or route.


Long Distance Peak
From Jan 2020 increase
London Cardiff Anytime Return £248.80 £6.80 GWR
London Manchester Anytime Return £360.00 £10.00 Virgin
Birmingham Edinburgh Anytime Return £249.30 £6.80 Cross Country
London Nottingham Anytime Return £185.00 £3.50 EMR
shorter peak
Farnborough London Anytime Day £34.30 £0.90 SWR
Chelmsford London Anytime Day £30.60 £0.80 GA
Worcester Birmingham Anytime Day £11.90 £0.30 WMT
Dundee Edinburgh Anytime Return £37.50 £1.00 Scotrail
Annual Seasons
Tonbridge London Annual £4,488 £124  
Aylesbury London Annual £4,304 £116  
Eastbourne London Annual £5,036 £136  
Reading London Annual £4,736 £132  
Guildford London Annual £3,836 £104  
Preston Manchester Annual £3004 £80  
Caerphilly Cardiff Queen St Annual £1,036 £28  
Durham Newcastle Annual £1,364 £36  
Selby Leeds Annual £1,652 £44  
Glasgow Edinburgh Annual £4,200 £116  



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