Rail fare reform plans

08 May 2018

Rail passengers need a fares system they can trust and that suits the way they travel now.

The independent watchdog, Transport Focus, is making sure passengers’ views are heard as the industry works to reform its complicated fares system.

Chief executive Anthony Smith said:

“Rail passengers want a rail fares system they can trust, that is simpler, offers better value for money and is more understandable. Fares and ticketing systems need to suit the way we travel now – there is a huge demand for smarter ticketing.

“Opening the debate on reform options is overdue. The ability to buy cheaper tickets for legs of a journey, so called split ticketing, is fast eroding trust in advertised fares.

“Transport Focus, building on our unique insight and advocacy in this area, will ensure the passenger voice is heard. Any future regulation must support sensible, proportionate reform which can underpin change while preserving essential consumer protection.”

Notes to editors


The watchdog has been heavily involved with industry and Government efforts to improve the ticketing system – most recently this produced a series of useful changes following the Fares and Ticketing Action Plan: https://www.transportfocus.org.uk/news-events-media/news/welcome-action-rail-fares-ticketing/

All of our research on fares and ticketing is listed here: https://www.transportfocus.org.uk/research-publications/publications/fares-ticketing-research-list/

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