Rail fare rises set to bite

02 January 2018

Meet passengers’ basic needs, and offer better-value ticket options, is the message from independent watchdog Transport Focus.

Chief executive, Anthony Smith, said:

“As many passengers return from their festive break, rail fare rises will bite as wages continue to stagnate. Satisfaction with value for money varies widely – annual season ticket commuters in London and the South East are among the least content.

“Passengers will want to see renewed focus on the basics: a more reliable service, more chance of getting a seat or at least standing in comfort and better information when things go wrong. While welcome investment is being made in the railway, passengers need to be able to rely on the trains today.

“The best Christmas present for passengers next year would be a fares freeze. In the meantime, better-value ticket options to reflect more flexible working patterns or even just to spread costs would help.

“Finally, when things do go wrong, compensation systems should be more visible and easier for passengers to access – automated where possible. Passengers must claim as this sends a clear message to the industry.”

Notes to editors

Transport Focus is calling for the Consumer Price Index formula to be used as the basis for rail fare rises rather than the increasingly outmoded Retail Price Index.

Our randomly-selected range of example fares can be found here.

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