Rail strikes and misery loom 

20 June 2022

Tomorrow, six days of disruption start on the railway – many lines closed, fewer trains on those that are open. This will also be made worse by existing bus and fresh tube strikes. 

Anthony Smith, chief executive of the independent watchdog, Transport Focus, said: “While some can work from home, many don’t have that option. Misery is being heaped on passengers who will not like being a bargaining chip in various industrial disputes. Those who have to travel may be pushed into using less safe and more polluting options. 

“All parties should remember that passengers are the future of public transport and maintaining recovering confidence is vital. The Government’s announcement about compensation on strike days is welcome and will help take a bit of the sting out of this week. Let’s hope sense prevails and something is agreed at the last hour.” 

Transport Focus will be looking and listening closely to what is happening on the ground. Our Omnibus survey will gauge opinion and the mood among passengers and non-passengers before the strikes this week. We will tap into our standing Transport User Panel, use mystery shoppers at stations, tune in to social media and visit stations ourselves on strike and non-strike days.  

We will use this intelligence to help train companies to finesse information (building on work done in the last couple of weeks) and point out any major issues to service providers around Great Britain. We will report back on our website every day. 

Anthony Smith added: “It is going to be messy. While one in five services will run, there is bound to be disruption and issues. The message is clear: don’t travel/only travel if absolutely necessary. If you have to travel check, check and check again before you set off.” 

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