Road User Voice – July 2016 – Getting it right for users from the start

06 July 2016

A key part of representing user interests, in any service, is making sure their voice is heard.

Transport Focus has been exploring how well Highways England encourages, and acts on, input from users as it develops schemes large and small.

HE workshop Road User Voice July 2016

Phil Carey (Transport Focus) briefs Highways England at the workshop

We shared our thinking on the challenges and opportunities at a lively workshop last month. This brought together team leaders from across Highways England working on a range of network improvement projects.

There was a clear consensus that they need to get users engaged right from the outset in what is planned for the network – this should lead to schemes that users like, and that work better. We agreed that Highways England should bring together and build on several examples of good practice already in place.

But this is just the start of a process – making sure users know that their views are needed, and can make a difference. We will continue working with Highways England to help it become more proactive in communicating with users through the whole ‘life’ of its schemes.

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