Road User Voice – October 2015 – Take a break!

30 October 2015

Road users told us that roadside facilities are crucial. This was revealed by our Road user needs and experiences research, published earlier this year.

Transport Focus’s next piece of research will be to develop our understanding of road users’ needs and experiences of roadside facilities – from laybys on trunk roads to motorway service areas.

The research found lorry drivers are concerned about the lack of appropriate facilities. Spaces at motorway service areas are often limited, as are truck stops. This leads lorry drivers to use laybys to rest, bringing with it a lack of facilities and security concerns.

Other drivers raised concerns about the quality and cost of facilities at motorway service areas and accessibility for disabled motorists and passengers.

Transport Focus will explore the subject further with more detailed research into the needs and experiences of road users. The areas the research will examine include:

  • the extent of pre-planning and the reasons for the choice of facilities used, or the reasons for non-use
  • the range of facilities available or desired, including parking, toilets, showers, food, drink, fuel, shopping, rest and exercise
  • perceptions of the number, location, convenience, quality and value for money of the available facilities
  • views on the role of roadside facilities in providing opportunities for rest and therefore safety when driving.

We will publish the findings of the research in the New Year.


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