Sort My Sign: the mission for clear information on the roads continues

09 August 2021

Have you ever missed a turning because a road sign was missing information or hidden by overgrown trees?

The Sort My Sign campaign, from the watchdog Transport Focus, is asking road users to report any problem road signs they’ve spotted.

We want Highways England to:

  • sort broken or confusing signs
  • provide better communication during delays and unexpected disruption
  • review the current standard of information on motorway and major ‘A’ roads.

This includes electronic signs. Clear information allows drivers to make good decisions with plenty of time, improving safety and reducing stress.

Anthony Smith, Transport Focus chief executive, said:

“Drivers often tell us how frustrating it can be to miss a turnoff due to a broken or illegible sign.

“Every single report we receive is helping to make roads safer and easier to navigate for all road users.”

As a result of Sort My Sign, Highways England says it has already fixed three out of five cases reported so far and is working on the others.

In the meantime, we will keep demanding all information on the roads is made clearer and safer for every road user.

You can watch the new video for the Sort My Sign campaign here.

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