Standing room only? What will passengers make of the Department of Transport’s list of top 10 overcrowded train services?

27 July 2017

Commenting on the Department for Transport’s ‘Top 10’ overcrowded train services, Anthony Smith, chief executive of Transport Focus, said:

“Continuing to invest in new trains, better frequency, track capacity and improved signalling will ultimately give passengers a better chance of getting a seat or at least standing in some comfort, able to do something other than endure. In return for continuing fare rises passengers expect continued investment and improvement.

“As the positive trends of rising passenger numbers and revenue continue and we commute further, this is the only way to keep a lid on crowding. As the population continues to rise and investment always lags behind getting a seat on many busy metro and Underground services became a dream for most passengers some time ago. However, our research shows the ability to sit down can transform an alright journey into a good one.

“The focus on day to day performance also needs to be kept up to avoid crowding caused by late, cancelled or short formed trains.”

“Our latest passenger survey shows that 31 per cent of commuters were dissatisfied with the level of crowding on their train.”

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