Ticketing measures announcement – Passenger Focus response

19 September 2013

The passenger watchdog has welcomed today’s announcement by transport minister Norman Baker, of a pilot scheme where long-distance rail tickets will sold as singles to allow greater flexibility.

Chief executive Anthony Smith said:
“Passengers will welcome the opportunity to mix and match ticket types, giving them more choice, control and flexibility. For example, those travelling to a sports match or business meeting may know their start time and be able to take advantage of a less-flexible but cheaper outward fare, and then be reassured that the walk-up cost of their journey back won’t be almost as much as a return. We know that it can be done, as schemes such as Virgin’s and First Great Western’s flexible one-way half-return price tickets have shown.

“However, it is important that this doesn’t mean an overall increase in the cost of a return journey. We will be watching with interest to see if passenger value for money scores go up as a result.”

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