Tram passenger satisfaction riding high

02 April 2019

Nine in 10 tram passengers are satisfied with their journey, says independent watchdog Transport Focus.

The results of the latest Tram Passenger Survey, out today, show 91 per cent satisfaction overall across the four networks in the survey.

Almost 5,000 passengers in Blackpool, Manchester, Sheffield and the West Midlands were asked how satisfied they were with their tram service.

Passengers in Blackpool and Sheffield were the most satisfied overall with their journey at 97 per cent.

Passengers rated Blackpool as the best value for money service with 91 per cent satisfaction.

For the first time passengers on Sheffield’s Tram Train services were also surveyed with 100 per cent passenger satisfaction on this route.

David Sidebottom, director at Transport Focus, said:

“Up and down the country tram operators are providing passengers with a very good experience. Blackpool, Manchester, Sheffield and the West Midlands can be proud that their staff’s commitment to providing a comfortable service continues having produced such good results.”

“Operators must not rest on their laurels however. Passengers should feel their experience is worth the money paid and operators should continue to focus on areas for improvement like the cleanliness of services and providing enough space to sit or stand on every tram.”

Other key findings in England include:

  • satisfaction with value for money among fare-paying passengers remains at 68 per cent satisfaction across the four areas
  • passengers reported a significant increase in satisfaction with the smoothness of their journey at 82 per cent (from 80 per cent in 2017)
  • satisfaction with punctuality and the length of time waiting for the tram have remained unchanged since 2017, with 89 per cent of passengers satisfied with both aspects
  • satisfaction with the helpfulness/attitude of staff increased to 89 per cent (from 82 per cent in 2017).


Notes to editors

The Tram Passenger Survey – Autumn 2018 is published today by Transport Focus.

For further information please contact:
Kieran Watkins, tel: 0300 123 0836 or email:

Tram satisfaction by area

Blackpool Tramway – 97 per cent

Sheffield Supertram – 97 per cent

Manchester Metrolink – 89 per cent

West Midlands Metro – 87 per cent.

About the Tram Passenger Survey

Transport Focus spoke to 4,864 passengers across four areas and operations in England (outside of London) about their overall satisfaction with their journey.

The survey also assessed their satisfaction for a wide range of aspects including value for money, the tram stop, waiting for the tram, on the tram, outside the trams and the tram driver.

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