Transport Focus comment on ORR Glaister report and launch of new Rail Review

20 September 2018

Learning that Transport Secretary, Chris Grayling MP, has announced a new Rail Review,  Anthony Smith, chief executive of the independent watchdog Transport Focus, said today:

“Something has to change after the torrid summer of timetable disruption, on-going patchy performance, strikes and with fare rises looming next January. Passengers will welcome a thorough, in-depth review of how their railways are run in order to kickstart the re-building of trust. But to command passenger faith the Rail Review must depart, travel and arrive with the needs of users at its core. Transport Focus will ensure this review focuses on how to deliver better reliability, more space to sit or stand on trains, and keener value for money.”

Commenting on the Office of Rail and Road report of its inquiry into May timetable disruption Anthony Smith, chief executive of the independent watchdog Transport Focus, added:

“Passengers will cringe when they read Stephen Glaister’s report which identifies a catalogue of over optimism, missed deadlines and blurred accountability that led to this summer’s timetable crisis and the ensuing chaos.

“The lessons of this report must be acted on swiftly – so the next set of timetable changes that kick off in December are managed more smoothly and certainly before fare increases take effect next January.

“The Rail Review must address what went wrong, and to repair trust amongst the travelling public it must ultimately deliver a more resilient rail system that offers more space for passengers to sit or stand and better value for money.”

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