Transport User Voice – April 2022 – Cancelled sleeper and refund error

28 March 2022

How we have been helping passengers

Cancelled sleeper
Mr B bought tickets for a sleeper cabin to travel to Penzance as he wanted the experience. However, due to engineering works the train was cancelled. Originally, Trainline agreed to refund the train tickets but not the cost of the sleeper cabin.

On appeal, it was found that both should’ve been refunded. It turned out this had been an oversight as it wasn’t clear the sleeper had also been purchased with Trainline.

Trainline was unable to exchange the tickets but requested Mr B send the tickets back so it could arrange the refund. Trainline also investigated why the error occurred to ensure that the necessary training was given and it wouldn’t happen again.


Over-enthusiastic refund
Mr D contacted Trainline to ask for info regarding a possible refund of some of tickets. Instead of answering the query Trainline issued a refund for the entire journey. A number of emails were exchanged but no resolution was given which meant Mr D was forced to purchase more expensive tickets.

Transport Focus appealed and suggested that Trainline had not read the passenger’s initial refund request properly and now Mr D was out of pocket. Trainline agreed and contacted Mr D directly to solve the situation. Trainline has now issued a refund to cover the fare difference and reimbursed all associated booking fees.


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