Transport User Voice – April 2023 – Cyclists, pedestrians and equestrians

30 March 2023

Their experiences in the East of England

Everyone wants to be able to feel safe. We’ve heard from cyclists using roads they feel unsafe on, pedestrians having to dart across highways and equestrians having to take round about routes to get where they need to go.

We want better safety measures for cyclists, pedestrians, and equestrians in the East of England.

These road users told us that the paths provided around the A11, A120 and A47 are often in close proximity to fast moving traffic which makes them feel unsafe. Cyclists pedestrians and equestrians want like to see wider paths with dedicated crossing points as well as increased maintenance to cut back vegetation and clear debris.

Take a look at the videos below for some of the common issues that we found in the East of England:

  • Anna describes her experiences as a pedestrian on Ketts Trail alongside the A11
  • Theresa talks about how she’s found paths as a cyclist and horse rider on Peddars Way
  • Jeremy and Chris share their experiences as cyclists getting across and along the A120 in Bradwell and Coggeshall
  • Peter talks about how he finds cycling around the Yare viaduct on the A47.

To improve the experience of these road users we suggest that National Highways looks at creating more separated paths with barriers, especially where there’s fast moving traffic. It’s also important to ensure paths are properly maintained and to provide more joined up routes that don’t end suddenly. And we want to see National Highways working together with other organisations to see how things could be better.

By putting in more focus on listening to their needs, National Highways could make a huge difference to cyclists, pedestrians and equestrians. If active travel is to become a realistic option, people need to feel confident in the paths and crossings available to them.

Often you can be walking quite easily on a route or on one side of the road, and then out of nowhere for some reason this path would just stop.” Pedestrian

Another day, another ride. This time avoiding the A47 viaduct by cycling through our fine city. I’m not sure what’s worse, the lack of cycle paths in Norwich or a cycle path with 80 mph traffic whizzing past.” Cyclist

Often when roadworks are carried out nearby, the signage is actually placed in the path [on the Yare viaduct] blocking or narrowing it. On occasion I have had to get round signage by stepping off the path into the carriageway.” Cyclist


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