Transport User Voice – April 2023 – How we’ve been helping passengers

30 March 2023

A rightful refund and a sticky situation

Rightful refund for unused tickets

Mr E and his family were unable to use their tickets which resulted in them having to purchase additional ones. He requested a refund from Trainline but when he did not receive one he came to Transport Focus. We appealed and were advised that the ticket had been activated some days earlier so no refund was due. We explained to Trainline that the ticket appeared to have been activated in error and had not been used. Trainline agreed with our findings and provided a full refund on the original unused tickets.

Sticky second leg situation

The second leg of Ms N’s journey was cancelled and she was advised to take next train which would have taken a lot longer as there were more stops. Ms N started the process of cancelling that portion of journey but the whole journey both to and from her destination was cancelled in error.

Ms N then had to purchase further tickets to travel home and she asked for a refund. The request was not accepted as she had asked for the refund before she finished her journey and she would have needed to purchase a valid ticket for travel. She then contacted the Rail Ombudsman who advised the case was out of its scope. She contacted Transport Focus and upon our appeal TransPennine refunded the ticket as a gesture of goodwill.


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