Transport User Voice April 2024 – Sorting signs

28 March 2024

In collaboration with National Highways

Transport Focus works with National Highways to improve the experiences of those driving on England’s motorways and major ‘A’ roads.

Signs are vital when it comes to providing useful and effective information on roads. When a road sign isn’t up to scratch, we feed back to National Highways on behalf of road users to get it sorted.

Recently we’ve spotted a few signs which are difficult to see or missing altogether. Have you noticed a problem on one of England’s motorways or major ‘A’ roads in England? You can report it to National Highways on its website.

Here are a few examples of how National Highways have responded to our feedback, taking action to make a difference for drivers…

A1 Southbound

Recently, a member of the Transport Focus team was driving on the A1 southbound and spotted a sign that had lost its reflectivity.

Without reflectivity it is difficult for drivers to see signs at night, giving them less time to make sensible decisions – for example, they could be forced to make a last-minute manoeuvre. We raised the issue to National Highways who promptly had the sign replaced.

A45 Thrapston to Northampton

Members of the Transport Focus team remain alert when out on the road – not just to signs which are damaged, but also signs that aren’t there when they should be.

On the A45 Thrapston to Northampton we noticed a no entry sign had been demolished on one of the laybys between Thrapston and Raunds. We reported the issue to National Highways and drivers will be pleased to see this sign has been replaced.

A45 northbound

On the A45 northbound, approaching the A14 roundabout at Thrapston, visibility of a large sign (as well as others before the junction) was very poor due to overgrown vegetation.

National Highways sent its team out to cut the whole stretch back, giving drivers clear visibility of signs – even from a distance.

A47 Eastbound

And road users in Cambridgeshire might spot a brand-new road sign as they approach the last roundabout on the eastbound A47 when bypassing Wisbech.

We fed back that a sign would make it easier for drivers to get where they needed to go. National Highways listened, and for the first time since 2009, there is a sign showing how to keep following the road to Kings Lynn.


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