Transport User Voice – August 2021 – Information at railway stations

26 July 2021

Passengers want to see improvements

Over time, screens at stations should be replaced with higher resolution white-on-black displays, a new survey has found.

Transport Focus, working with Network Rail and the Rail Delivery Group, asked passengers about the information provided at stations during spring 2021.

While the traditional orange-on-black dot matrix boards are familiar and recognisable, passengers felt modern white-on-black displays were better. They compare favourably with the displays on passengers’ own electronic devices.

As stations are upgraded passengers expect Customer Information System screens to be replaced with modern equipment.

The research also looked at what passengers thought about Operation Information Systems and interactive ‘totems’ – large touchscreen displays that passengers can interact with.

Anthony Smith, Transport Focus chief executive, said:

“Good information at a station is all about delivering smooth, hassle-free journeys to passengers. Clear, accurate information is crucial.

“Full marks to the rail industry for wanting fresh insight into passengers’ views on this subject, including to see if needs have changed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. We look forward to seeing the research used to shape ongoing improvement in station information in the coming years.”


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