Transport User Voice – August 2021 – Sort My Sign progress so far

26 July 2021

Making information on the roads clear

Have you spotted any broken or confusing signs lately when you’ve been driving? Let us know!

At the beginning of last year, we launched our Sort My Sign campaign to push Highways England to make improvements to road signs. This includes electronic signs and road surface markings, along the 4300 miles of motorways and major ‘A’ roads managed by Highways England.

Clear information allows drivers to make intelligent decisions with plenty of time, improving safety and reducing stress. Our mission is to make the information displayed more understandable and helpful for all users. This will help create a better experience for all road users.

Issues known included:

  • obscured signs (by overgrown trees or dirt, for example)
  • inaccurate and confusing information
  • broken signage in need of repair
  • better information displayed during delays and unexpected disruption.

To tackle this we launched Sort My Sign along with a dedicated website to allow road users to report any problem signs that they had spotted while driving.

So far, we have had a very positive response. Road users have contacted us with a lot of issues they have found. We pass all feedback on to Highways England to correct the cases identified, and we are satisfied to say that we have already begun to see improvements being made.

Next month, we will be publishing a report updating you on the progress so far. At the same time, we will also be starting with the next phase of the campaign across social media.

If you know of any instance where you have encountered a road sign that you can’t read correctly, that you think needs to be repaired, or that simply doesn’t make sense, we want to know.

Let us know the location and details here. We will let Highways England know and ensure that it gets fixed.


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