Transport User Voice – August 2021 – Join our roundtable event

26 July 2021

How do customers feel about using public transport again

Come along to our joint event with marketing consultancy, CACI, and Great Western Railway on what using public transport again looks like for different passengers.

We’ll be talking about how various passenger groups have been impacted very differently by Covid-19. The discussion will centre around how the transport sector can understand these differences to meet customers’ needs as we head into a new reality.

Whilst restrictions may be being lifted our transport networks are continuing to see very different travel patterns. These reflect the changing attitudes and behaviours of customers in the face of the various stages of the pandemic.

Throughout the pandemic, Transport Focus has been talking to people about their views and concerns to understand how customers are feeling about public transport now and in the future.

CACI has been using mobile app data and surveys to understand changing movement patterns, attitudes and behaviours and how these vary by demographics and local areas.

Come along to our joint roundtable where we will be sharing our insights into:

  • changing transport customer behaviours
  • the new customer reality
  • how Great Western Railway is using segmentation to define targeted messaging which connects with customers to help them to re-engage with public transport.

The event will be held on 11 August – you can register here.


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