Transport User Voice – Better information for bus passengers

22 November 2017

Do you struggle to get the right information about local bus routes, timetables, fares and arrival times?

Part of the new Bus Services Act aims to improve bus passengers’ access to information about bus services. Better use of open data has the potential to provide more accurate door-to-door journey planning. This should make bus travel more attractive to local people.

Transport Focus director, David Sidebottom, has been invited to be part of the Department for Transport’s (DfT) new Bus Open Data Programme. David will help make sure the needs and the voice of passengers is heard during the development and delivery of various projects.

From our research into bus passengers’ trust and priorities for improvement we know that around half of bus passengers surveyed agreed that their bus companies make it easy to stay up to date with timetables and fares and that their companies use technology well for the benefit of passengers.

In addition to the newly formed board, the DfT is hosting three industry workshops to discuss the provision of open data in the act. At each of the events in London, Birmingham and Leeds Transport Focus has been asked by the DfT to set out what passengers need to make them more informed, confident and satisfied that the bus industry is on their side.

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