Transport User Voice – December 2016 – Case Study

29 November 2016

Mr C attempted to book a ticket from London Kings Cross to Brough using the Hull Trains’ mobile phone app. He tried twice but was told both times the purchase was unsuccessful, so he decided to purchase the ticket through a different way.

Mr C later discovered that the first two tickets had in fact been issued and his account was charged for both. So he went to Hull Trains to complain. He was then informed that Hull Trains would only refund him for one of the tickets as the other had been used, which was not the case.

Mr C tried for over a month yet was still unable to get a refund for the unused tickets. He then contacted Transport Focus for our help.

We spoke to Hull Trains who accepted that the duplicate booking was due to an error with the app. Hull Trains offered the passenger a full refund of £75 for both tickets as well as a complimentary first class ticket upgrade as a gesture of goodwill. The problems Mr C experienced regarding the app were also raised with Hull Trains’ IT team so that any issues could be resolved.

We felt that Hull Trains could have dealt with Mr C’s complaint sooner and examined it more thoroughly prior to being contacted by Transport Focus. However we feel that after further investigation the case was properly dealt with and the gesture of goodwill demonstrated good customer service.

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