Transport User Voice – December 2020 – On the blog

30 November 2020

Round-up of the month

This month Anthony has been blogging about feeling safe in taxis, responding to passenger priorities and our transport user Covid debate.

Feeling safe when travelling around has never been more important. We wanted to see if people felt taxis were a ‘Covid-safe’ environment and found similar responses to those received about other modes of public transport.

Anthony said: “Among those who haven’t used a taxi in the last four weeks just less than half say that they would feel safe to do so. This is a similar story to bus and rail where our research highlights a gap between the views and experience of those people actually using public transport and the perceptions of those who aren’t.” Read more.

In this ever-changing environment we have adapted our work to remain current, useful and to help us continue to address transport users’ needs. Anthony wrote about our latest report on passenger priorities and how they’ve changed in light of Covid-19.

He said: “Not surprising, feeling safe in respect to Covid-19 is a new and highly important priority. On rail, cleanliness of the train has significantly increased as a priority and it is likely to persist beyond the pandemic too.” Read more.

Our transport user debate, held on 11 November, was a fantastic opportunity to discuss what the future held for transport. We shared our insight and looked at key questions and challenges the transport industry needs to address during Covid-19 and beyond.

Anthony said: “Public transport will need to be even more focussed on passengers in future. It’s clear from passengers’ feedback that they want to see the quality of their journeys improved beyond Covid-19, rather than just going back to the old way of doing things.” Read more.


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