Transport User Voice – December 2022 – Helping passengers

29 November 2022

Football faff and Railcard ruckus

Railcard renewal

Ms C wanted to renew her Disabled Persons Railcard but was unable to do so as the Railcard team’s fulfilment systems weren’t working. The team did not make a note of her details to do it when everything was back up and running.

She came to Transport Focus for help. We appealed and asked why this couldn’t be done and were told plastic Railcards weren’t being produced at that time.

The Railcard team agreed the service was unsatisfactory for multiple customers who were awaiting plastic Railcards.  The team has now contacted Ms C directly to organise her new Railcard.

Football overcrowding

Mr M bought tickets through Trainline to travel from Nottingham to St Pancras for a football match. He wasn’t able to get near to the station due to overcrowding and was turned away by the police. He contacted Trainline for a refund but was charged the £10 admin fee and told to go to East Midlands Railway if he wanted additional compensation for the frustration. On appeal, Trainline agreed to refund the £10 admin fee as East Midlands Railway had advised the full price of the ticket could be refunded. Trainline also apologised that this wasn’t done in the first place.


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