Transport User Voice – February 2023 – Better lorry driver rest stops

30 January 2023

Our event in Cannock

Lorry drivers are vital to keeping the country running. They make sure there’s food on the supermarket shelves and clothes for us to buy. But their needs have long been overlooked.

We want to make sure the lorry driver voice is at the heart of improvements to rest stops. On Thursday 26 January we held an event at Hollies truck stop in Cannock to talk about getting better roadside facilities for lorry drivers.

Take a look at our video on how lorry drivers feel about facilities here.

We brought together key people to discuss the issues lorry drivers currently experience as well as potential solutions.

Roads minister Richard Holden MP gave the keynote speech:

“For decades, lorry drivers have been the unsung heroes of our economy. As they do here at the Hollies truck stop in Cannock, hauliers should always enjoy top quality food, in safe, world-class rest areas and plenty of parking space wherever they go.

“That’s why we’re providing more than £52 million to improve roadside facilities so that we can boost drivers’ welfare, guarantee them the security and peace of mind they deserve, and make driving an HGV a truly attractive career of choice.”

Security, management of parking, quality and choice of food along with a welcoming atmosphere are just some of the things lorry drivers tell us they value at rest stops.

The next step is will to work with the industry and Government to improve rest stops.

The event was held in partnership between Transport Focus, Logistics UK, SNAP and Certas Energy. Transport Focus will be measuring lorry drivers’ experiences in a new survey launching later this year.


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