Transport User Voice February 2024 – Helping passengers

31 January 2024

Trainpal refund and delay claim resolved

Trainpal refund

Due to strike action, Mrs L tried to claim a refund for tickets purchased using vouchers from Trainpal. She was only provided with a partial refund in vouchers and came to Transport Focus to help in claiming the rest of the amount.

Our caseworker contacted Trainpal to request a return of the other half of the vouchers. Trainpal confirmed that the vouchers should have been issued as part of the Mrs L’s original claim and had now been sent out. Mrs L thanked our caseworker for their help.

Delay claim resolved

Mrs T had made numerous delay repay requests to Trans Pennine Express (TPE) which had not been paid. She had tried to resolve this herself, without success, and contacted Transport Focus for help. Mrs T provided evidence of her claims and gave an outline of her concerns.

Our caseworker contacted TPE a number of times as she was not satisfied with the responses being given. TPE agreed that Mrs T should receive all of her outstanding claims paid and asked if they could liaise directly with her. Mrs T agreed to this and thanked the caseworker for their intervention.


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