Transport User Voice – Improving bus services across West Yorkshire

29 September 2017

Transport Focus is helping transform bus travel in West Yorkshire as part of a new local partnership.

Brought together by West Yorkshire Combined Authority, the new ‘Bus 18’ initiative sees the county’s major bus operators working together to improve buses and encourage more people to use them.

As part of our work to promote the interests of bus passengers Transport Focus is closely involved in making sure services in Yorkshire are based on the experience and needs of passengers. Over the coming months we’ll be providing insight from the Bus Passenger Survey (BPS) and influencing new plans to drive through improvements for passengers.

We are already successfully doing this in areas such as the Liverpool City Region and West Midlands where alliances are delivering a range of improvements for passengers. This can include improved customer service, ticketing deals and improved punctuality and reliability.

Transport Focus is now speaking to more passengers than ever across West Yorkshire. Funding for the BPS has been considerably boosted by ‘Bus 18’ partners to obtain a richer picture of what passengers currently get from their service. This will help set a benchmark for tracking how the introduction of new initiatives are being received by passengers.

This is an exciting opportunity to make a positive difference for passengers in a region where nearly 180 million bus journeys are made every year and builds on our good work in other city regions.

You can find out more here.

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