Transport User Voice – January 2022 – Case studies

16 December 2021

Ahead of his time 
Mr H bought tickets via Trainline for a journey on 18 September. When he arrived at the station, he realised that he had bought tickets for the following week, 25 September, in error. He purchased new tickets to travel on 18 September and sought a refund from Trainline for the unused tickets.  

Trainline said it could not refund the tickets as they had already been scanned at the station. Transport Focus agreed that it was a genuine mistake and appealed to Trainline on his behalf. As a gesture of goodwill, Trainline refunded the cost of £28.80. 

We’re gonna need a bigger envelope 
Mr H purchased 31 tickets through Trainline for 12 November. He was told numerous times that the tickets would be posted and received on time. However, Trainline confirmed on 11 November that the tickets couldn’t be posted because there were too many.  

This resulted in Mr H having to purchase the tickets from Chesterfield station, which was more expensive, costing £125.75 more. He asked Trainline for compensation but was refused. Transport Focus appealed the case to Trainline which acknowledged that as the tickets should have been sent in time, it would refund the £125.75.  

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