Transport User Voice – January 2023 – Helping passengers

20 December 2022

Multiple tickets and app malfunction

Too many tickets?

Ms K was travelling home from the airport in the early hours of the morning and was unable to purchase tickets from the ticket office as it was closed. She rang her daughter who tried to buy tickets from home and accidentally purchased three tickets from Trainline. Ms K was able to purchase tickets on board but could not get a refund for the tickets that had been accidently purchased.

Transport Focus appealed and Trainline responded saying it appreciated that an error made in efforts to try to ensure that Ms K was not travelling without a ticket. Trainline gave Ms K a refund of £106.20.

The passenger said: “Many thanks for your email. I thank you from my heart for helping me out from this issue. Thank you for all your efforts. I appreciate it.”

The malfunctioning app

Mr S received a Penalty Fare Notice as he couldn’t present a valid ticket on demand due to the Great Western Railway app malfunction. His appeals had been turned down, so he came to Transport Focus for help. We contacted Great Western Railway to explain the problem and the operator agreed to cancel the Penalty Fare Notice.

Mr S said: “Thanks a lot for your assistance in trying to get a justified outcome of the case. I cannot appreciate more of your help!”


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