Transport User Voice – July 2019 – Have you claimed Delay Repay recently?

01 July 2019

Share your experience with Transport Focus

Transport Focus will shortly launch a campaign focused on boosting the number of eligible passengers who claim delay repay compensation.

Ahead of the campaign launch Transport Focus wants to gather case studies from passengers willing to share information and perhaps speak about their recent experience of making a claim for ‘delay repay’ following a disrupted journey.

Transport Focus is keen to gather testimony from anyone who has claimed, successfully or otherwise, so it can determine how the claims process is perceived and experienced by those who have tried to claim, as well as the level of compensation that was involved.

For instance, how easy was it to claim, what happened when you did and to what extent did you the passenger suffer further out-of-pocket expenses as a result of the delay or cancellation?

If you – or someone you know – has claimed compensation for a delayed or cancelled train recently, then Transport Focus would really like to hear from you.

Please complete a short survey on our website.

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