Transport User Voice – July 2021 – A more accessible road network

29 June 2021

How we’re helping drive improvements

How can roads be made better for disabled passengers?

In 2018 we published An Accessible Road Network? which made recommendations to Highways England on just that. We looked at how to improve the experience of disabled people using feedback from passengers and drivers travelling on England’s motorways and major ‘A’ roads.

Car travel remains the most popular form of transport among disabled adults and around one third of these journeys are made as a passenger. Just over two years on from the publication of our research, we’re pleased to see that significant progress has been made by Highways England through its ‘Roads for All’ forum which has acted on our recommendations. This means better information for disabled road users on how to stay safe when travelling on the network as well as enabling them to plan their journeys better. It also means improved disability awareness training for traffic officers and initiatives so that British Sign Language users can get information and communicate with Highways England control centres.

Shortly, we will be publishing a report on how our recommendations have been carried out. We’ll continue to work with Highways England and other members of the ‘Roads for All’ forum to improve the accessibility of England’s motorways and major ‘A’ roads. Our shared goal is a road network that is accessible to all.


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