Transport User Voice – July 2021 – Casework successes

29 June 2021

Our work to help passengers

Great Western Railway

Mr B needed more time to pay a Penalty Fare amount from Great Western Railway (GWR). He believes there must have been an admin error in his application for an extension as prosecution proceedings began against him for not paying the Penalty Fare.

He got in touch with our casework team before Christmas who spoke to GWR. The team at GWR came back immediately after Christmas to say someone had been in touch with Mr B to get the situation resolved over the Christmas period. Mr B was satisfied with the outcome of his claim.

The Trainline

Mr M bought eight tickets through the Trainline. Unfortunately, he was unable to use the tickets due to lockdown restrictions. He asked for his money back but only got refunds for seven of the tickets.

He appealed with the casework team who found that that the error was with AMEX rather than The Trainline. While everything had gone through on The Trainline’s side, AMEX had been unable to confirm the payment of the last £6.25. The Trainline has now credited Mr M with the remaining amount.


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