Transport User Voice – July 2022 – Just the one and No class

29 June 2022

Appealing on behalf of passengers

Just the one 

A passenger purchased three railcards. However, one was in error. Another had the incorrect address as the advisor input the incorrect information. These two cards should have been cancelled yet no refund was forthcoming. The passenger approached Transport Focus for help.  

Following our appeal to the Rail Delivery Group (RDG), the passenger was offered a £10 goodwill gesture. We explained that the passenger only needed one Railcard and that it had been an error made by the person who took his address details over the phone. Eventually, RDG agreed and issued a full refund. 

No class

Ms O bought a first-class ticket via Trainline but was disappointed to find travel between St Pancras and Sandwich had no first-class compartment.  

Originally, no compensation was offered. On appeal, Trainline agreed to offer the difference between first-class and standard as goodwill as it should’ve been explained properly when Ms O originally contacted them. 


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