Transport User Voice – June 2020 – A view across Great Britain

27 May 2020

What’s happening for transport users in different areas


London TravelWatch held its first webinar on easing lockdown restrictions which offered plenty of food for thought on the future of transport in the capital. Click here to watch it again.

The deputy mayor for transport, Heidi Alexander, outlined how Transport for London (TfL) is planning for increased passenger numbers. She was clear that there will not be a return to business as usual anytime soon. Social distancing rules on the tube mean Victoria line carriages will only be able to accommodate 21 people as opposed to the usual 125.

It’s significant that increased car travel will definitely not be encouraged as people try and avoid public transport. London’s air pollution levels have dropped significantly and there’s a real opportunity to preserve this as much as possible. TfL is looking to widen pavements in order to promote more cycling and walking.


The lockdown is being eased happening differently across UK nations, and advice in Wales remains to stay at home. First Minister, Mark Drakeford MS, has set out a traffic light roadmap for a phased approach to how restrictions may begin to be lifted and a framework to prioritise measures for moving out of lockdown.

Transport Focus is part of the advisory panel that Transport for Wales (authority) has formed to bring together senior stakeholders. A key first discussion topic is to consider the best ways of communicating restarting transport.

We have also been reviewing and feeding back on how well information about travel during the coronavirus pandemic is being shared on the Transport for Wales Rail website. A good example is the ‘Multiflex’ carnet ticket which now pops up in the journey planner as a suggested option, which will help with flexibility for commuting and reducing costs.


As the travel advice in Scotland has not changed, revised timetables remain in place. The hard work and dedication of transport key workers has meant the revised timetables are being delivered and train punctuality has reached its highest level in almost three years. Timetables are under constant review to try and ensure the needs of keys workers and essential travel are met.

The Scottish Government’s route map published on Thursday 21 May has set out a phased approach to easing lockdown measures, including setting out advice on travel and transport. As lockdown rules begin to change people are looking for reassurance about returning to public transport, which we’ll be keeping an eye on through our Travel during Covid-19 survey.

West Midlands

Transport Focus is making sure that the voice of the end user is at the heart of plans to provide a safe, clean and functioning transport system as the West Midlands scales up transport services.

This involves sharing our input from transport users at transport strategic group meetings in the West Midlands. These include:

  • the Covid-19 Strategic Transport Group chaired by Laura Shoaf, managing director of Transport for West Midlands
  • a weekly Bus Alliance Board meeting
  • Grand Rail Collaboration meetings.

We are working with operators to deliver clear and consistent communication that gives people confidence that they are safe using transport in the West Midlands.


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