Transport User Voice – June 2022 – Bus concessionary fares survey

26 May 2022

How can operators get passengers back?

Why aren’t concessionary pass-holders heading back onto buses?

We know that, in many places, bus and train usage is getting close to pre-pandemic levels. But relatively limited numbers of those who hold concessionary passes have returned to using buses.

We used our Transport User Panel to look at reasons why this is, asking how bus operators could encourage them back and how the way they use buses has changed over the last two years.

Also, we wanted to look at where people said they were using buses less frequently, whether this is due to making fewer journeys or where it is due to bus services not meeting their needs.

There were three categories: those who currently use the bus, those who have never used the bus, and those who are not currently using buses but used to.

We asked how likely those who never used or have stopped using buses would use buses in future. We then explored what would encourage these users back in terms of improving local bus services. This included accessing information about routes, frequency and when they can use their concessionary pass.

We will release the full report soon so do keep an eye out.


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