Transport User Voice – June 2023 – Helping passengers

31 May 2023

Online issues and first class failure

Ms V bought a ticket via the Trainline but it wasn’t received on her phone. She was subsequently issued with a Penalty Fare Notice when traveling with Northern. Mrs V went through all stages of appeal which were rejected, so she came to Transport Focus for help.

After Transport Focus asked Trainline to look at the case again it agreed to refund the £5.60 cost of the ticket as the incident happened too long ago to investigate. As a goodwill gesture, Northern agreed to refund £16.80 – the difference between the £20 penalty fare and the cost of the ticket so the passenger was not left out of pocket.

First class failure

Mr B complained that he’d booked first class tickets with Trainline, however first class seats were not available on all legs of his journey. Mr B wanted a refund of the difference in the fare, but this was refused. Mr B came to Transport Focus for help and we contacted Trainline who agreed that Mr B’s request was reasonable. Trainline refunded the difference plus a small good will gesture.

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