Transport User Voice – March 2022 – Case studies

24 February 2022

West Midlands Railway
Ms O arrived at the station a few minutes before travelling. No one was at the ticket office and she could not use ticket vending machines or Promise to Pay machines due to an impairment. Once onboard, she was issued with a Penalty Fare Notice for travelling without a ticket.

Ms O completed the appeals process without success so approached Transport Focus for help. We contacted West Midlands Railway which accepted our appeal and understood the passenger’s challenges. She was refunded £17 (deducting £3 for the train fare).

Mr B was planning to travel but his journey was cancelled due to engineering works not being completed as originally scheduled. He contacted Trainline by filling out the application for a refund online, but it said it could not be processed as the service cancellation could not be verified.

Mr B approached Transport Focus. We asked Trainline to provide the passenger with a full refund as he had not travelled. Trainline apologised for overlooking the information on the online form where the passenger was claiming for the return portion only. It provided him with a full refund and Mr B was very satisfied with this outcome.


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