Transport User Voice – March 2023 – Chief executive’s editorial

28 February 2023

Stepping down – end of an era

Yesterday I announced that I will be stepping down at the end of 2023, after 24 years of representing transport users. 

 While there have been huge social, economic, technological, and other changes in this period user needs have remained relatively unchanged. People want, above all else, reliability from transport networks. Road journeys should take the time you expect them to take. Bus and train journeys should run to time, most of the time. If there is disruption, then users will judge service providers on the information and help they are given to help get them back on track. In the longer term, sustained investment makes the most difference to the user experience. Above all else listen to what your users are saying and show how you are acting on that valuable feedback.  

For me it has been an amazing journey. I have met great people trying to deliver quality transport services. Working with Transport Focus colleagues has been amazing. I have been all over this great country and learned a huge amount. Speaking to you has made me really understand how important transport is. This part of that journey is coming a close, but I very much hope to be able to make a difference for transport users in a different way in the future.


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