Transport User Voice – March 2023 – Helping passengers

28 February 2023

A cancelled train and a cousin crisis

A cancelled train 

Mr U had a ticket, bought via The TrainLine (TTL) to travel from Norfolk to Scotland. While on the train he received an email saying part of the journey to Scotland was cancelled, so Mr U got off the train and bought a ticket to travel home. TTL originally said that the claim was made too late. On appeal, TTL agreed to refund the total cost of the ticket. 

A cousin crisis 

Mr I contacted us on behalf of a cousin who was in receipt of a court summons and was facing prosecution for non-payment of a rail fare fine. Mr I’s cousin didn’t have the means to pay the fine. We contacted Great Western Railway (GWR) on their behalf which agreed to look at the case if he provided evidence of the cousin’s age and circumstances. GWR agreed to liaise directly with the passenger due to her unique circumstances. 


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