Transport User Voice March 2024 – Chief executive’s editorial

29 February 2024

Promoting good practice

I wanted to draw reader’s attention to some good news.

I suspect many of you will not be aware of the significant turnaround in buses in Cornwall. This follows a concerted push from Cornwall’s Bus Partnership to look at what matters most to passengers. We’ve supported them in this with our customer research. New fares have been introduced and ticketing simplified. Only five years ago less than six in ten users said buses represented value for money, now it’s eight in ten. Bus patronage is almost back to pre-Covid levels.

What can other parts of the country learn from Cornwall and other success stories? Sharing what works will be a big focus of our work on buses over the next year starting with the launch of our first full set of ‘Your Bus Journey’ survey results on 13 March. This will compare performance across the country and provide a baseline against which improvements can be tracked in future years. Look out for that when it comes.

I’ve also enjoyed reading what the team have been doing across the country –sharing good practise and acting as ‘boots on the ground’ to spot gaps in performance, feeding what they’ve found straight back to operators so improvements can be made.

Enjoy the read.


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