Transport User Voice – May 2019 – Case study

29 April 2019

Goodwill gesture secured for Metrolink passenger

Miss K purchased a 28-day Metrolink travelcard for go to and from school on the tram. However, she realised she only needed a weekly ticket since the term was due to end before the twenty-eight-day expiry. 

Having purchased the ticket on 4 February for travel starting on 6 February, Miss K contacted Metrolink straight away, before the validity period began, in order to obtain a refund. Metrolink declined her request, stating this was not in line with its terms and conditions.

Miss K’s brother then contacted Metrolink on her behalf, but it was still unwilling to provide any sort of refund or amendment to her ticket. Metrolink then suggested Mr K could contact the Financial Ombudsman. This was incorrect information Metrolink should have provided Transport Focus’s details.

Mr K got in touch with Transport Focus after having been misdirected to two different bodies (which had only caused further frustration)

Transport Focus contacted Metrolink on Mr K’s behalf but its request was also declined for the same reasons given previously to Miss K and Mr K.

The case was then escalated to Transport for Greater Manchester, which agreed to provide a full refund of Miss K’s ticket as a goodwill gesture, given that she had made contact before the ticket became valid. 

Mr and Miss K were both pleased with the outcome. 

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