Transport User Voice – May 2022 – Keeping mum and Railcard result

28 April 2022

How we’ve helped passengers 

Keeping mum

Mrs L’s son was issued with a Penalty Fare Notice for not being able to show a valid ticket, but he didn’t tell his mother. By the time he did, it was too late to appeal, and administration fees were added.   

Transport Focus appealed on the mother’s behalf. As the penalty fare was correctly issued, Merseyrail said it would not cancel the fine, but agreed to remove the administration fees.   

Railcard result
Mr S had a new phone and was unable to add his Railcard initially. He eventually managed to do so, but Railcard refused an extension to the Railcard’s validity.   

When Transport Focus received the appeal, it knew it was unlikely that an extension in validity would be given as so many similar requests had been turned down before. However, we still appealed as the passenger had waited over two months for a response to his complaint. Railcard agreed that this was too long and offered a £10 goodwill gesture in return. 


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