Transport User Voice May 2023 – £2 bus fare success

27 April 2023

Giving bus a go

More people are giving bus a go thanks to the £2 bus fare cap.  

Transport Focus spoke to more than 1000 people to understand the impact of the fare cap and how it was helping passengers with the cost of living.  

More than one in 10 are using the bus to travel more, more than four in 10 thought the new fare might save them money, and 80 per cent thought it would help people with the cost of living. More than four in 10 said the bus journeys were replacing ones they would have made by car. 

Looking to the future, those that told us they might make use of the £2 fare would use the bus instead of making a car journey (49 per cent), while others said the £2 fare would help them travel to places they wouldn’t otherwise go (41 per cent). Awareness of the £2 fare cap has increased from 53 per cent in January 2023 to 56 per cent. 

Transport Focus director David Sidebottom said: “Our research shows the £2 bus fare is having a big impact in helping more people get around by bus and putting more money back in their pocket.  

“Cheaper fares are vital in winning passengers back and providing a lifeline for communities up and down the country. It’s great to see the introduction of simpler, better value for money fares helping more people give bus a go. This comes at a critical time when many people are struggling and worried about the cost of travel.” 

What are passengers saying?  

 “It’s so much cheaper to get anywhere. If there are more than one of us we’d usually get a taxi as it’s the same price but this makes us use the bus more.” 

 “Before it was about £4 for a single journey and £7 for a return which is so expensive. £2 is a great price…” 

 “I can get to nice coastal locations for days out at a far cheaper price than normal.” 

 We’ll be monitoring the scheme and working to ensure that passengers views are included in any future plans. 


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