Transport User Voice May 2023 – Minimum service legislation

27 April 2023

Raising the passenger voice on strikes

Rail passengers have experienced major disruption with industrial action over the last year. As part of managing the effects of strikes on passenger services, new legislation requiring minimum service levels including the number of services running and staff on duty, has been proposed by the Government.

Transport Focus chief executive Anthony Smith gave evidence to the House of Commons Transport Committee inquiry into minimum service levels. We also submitted written evidence.

Our evidence emphasised the importance for any minimum levels to be delivered safely and reliably, and with public engagement. The written evidence and a transcript from the hearing are available on the Committee website.

During the select committee hearing we were also asked about the experiences of other European countries during strikes. We asked our colleagues in the European Passengers Federation and the letter has now also been published by the Transport Committee.

The Strike (Minimum Service Levels) Bill amends the legal framework governing industrial action and enables minimum service levels to be set in key sectors during periods of strike action.

Transport is one of those key sectors. The Department for Transport is currently consulting on how minimum service levels might be applied to rail. This consultation runs until 15 May so there is still time to have your say.


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