Transport User Voice May 2023 – Sorting road signs

27 April 2023

If it’s not clear, it’s not safe

With spring weather encouraging the growth of hedgerows and trees it’s a reminder that signage on England’s motorways and ‘A’ roads needs to be clean, clear and without obstructions. When it comes to signage – if it’s not clear, it’s not safe.

Following on from our ‘Sort my sign’ campaign we’re challenging National Highways, to quickly repair or replace damaged signs and to improve its approach to renewing worn out signs. We need to ensure drivers can see signs properly, through better management of vegetation and improved cleaning and maintenance.

Our campaign encouraged road users to report issues around the country for National Highways to fix. We’re maintaining our focus in this area and know that damaged, dirty and obscured road signs, are dangerous to road users and need sorting quickly. Roads with higher speeds need to have clear, consistent information, particularly for those road users who may be unfamiliar or are visiting a new area.

We are encouraged by the progress made in some areas, such as the National Highways online reporting tool that allows drivers and road users to report issues directly to them. However, a key area where we will be pressing for change is to see the speed at which signage problems are fixed, before too many road users have been affected by the problem. Transport Focus will work with National Highways to implement changes and to improve the journey experience and make it safer for all road users.


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