Transport User Voice May 2024 – Helping passengers

01 May 2024

Refused refund and online error

Refused refund 

Due to cancellations of services Mr O wanted for a refund for his unused tickets. A refund had been refused by Trainline as the tickets had already been scanned.  

He approached Transport Focus for help and our caseworker contacted Trainline. After searching their records they could not find his request. Nevertheless, they agreed that Mr O had not travelled and issued a full refund of his tickets. 

 Online error 

Mr B was trying to pay his penalty fare online but the system was not recognising his details. As the deadline to make payment was approaching, he requested help from Transport Focus.  

Our caseworker contacted the relevant appeal body to find out what the issue was, and to ensure that Mr B did not have to pay any additional costs. The appeal body found an error with the way Mr B’s name had been input into their system which was the reason he could not locate his penalty fare. The caseworker advised Mr B of the error and the details he should enter. He was able to make payment without incurring any additional charges. 


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