Transport User Voice – November 2020 – Ten years of helping bus passengers

27 October 2020

What we’ve achieved

Earlier this year Transport Focus celebrated 10 years of bus passenger representation.

In 2010 we officially became the statutory, independent consumer body for bus passengers In England, outside of London.

In that time the organisation has achieved a lot for bus passengers as bus operators constantly adapt to changes in how we as users want to travel. This also involves responding to the needs of both local authority and national Government policy decisions.

Our research, including the annual Bus Passenger Survey, priorities for improvement and specific areas of work such as understanding the needs of young people, have helped bus operators make the case for and deliver improvements (and deliver those improvements?). These wins on behalf of bus passengers have resulted in both better journeys and increased patronage across many areas.

Part of our success is down to sharing this insight directly with bus operators, transport authorities and governments in face-to-face meetings. Getting the message across directly to local management teams to help them better meet passenger needs is something that is valued by the many bus industry stakeholders and organisations we have worked with over the past ten years and more.

We wanted to use what we know to help up and coming managers in the bus industry. Our director, David Sidebottom, has written a chapter in a new book Road Passenger Transport – planning and co-ordinating road passenger transport operators. David talks about the importance of understanding the needs and experiences of bus passengers and how that should be applied to constantly improving services and facilities to meet their expectations.

The book is a complete guide to road passenger transport management, featuring contributions from experts in the field and management tools for passenger road transport operators. The tools and case studies in this vital guide will enable readers to learn new skills and build on existing knowledge. Buyers can save 20 per cent here using the discount ALG20.


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